Personal Style

Author JL Peridot publishes One Nice Thing, a beautiful Monday email with one nice quote or picture and it often ends with a small question or thought for personal contemplation. Previously I’ve used them for prompts in my journal and she recently she posed the following:

How would you describe your sense of style?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about recently, because I’ve always wished for my personal style to be:

Goth, cyberpunk, a bit weird.


A side profile photo of Az showing a tall teal and blue mohawk, like an ocean.

I’ve been sporting a mohawk for 7 years now, but I’ve always felt like I’m still not “goth enough” in my own eyes. But last week I took a look around our living room and noted:

  • 5x skulls.
  • A sword.
  • A dagger.
  • Creeping Devil’s Ivy over all our bookcases.
  • A lot of really strange books.
  • Dried plants.
  • An apothecary.

Okay, so maybe there’s a few goth elements to our house.

In my wardrobe I have:

  • 6 identical black v-neck shirts.
  • 3 pairs of black jeans.
  • Demonia platform boots.
  • Two mesh singlets.
  • Fishnet dress.
  • Leather harness.
  • Spell book shoulder bag.
  • A decent amount of dark lipstick.
  • A few collars and wrist cuffs.
  • A messenger bag bedecked with pins, including 6 separate skulls.
  • Various silver necklaces and pendants with strange charms.

Alright, when I actually reflect on what I own, maybe I am a bit more goth than I realise.


Here I found a definite natural fit.

While the mohawk counts here too, going for the wardrobe first I’ve got:

  • Combat boots.
  • A few pairs of cargo pants, including some fancy fitted Verillas ones.
  • A series of very dystopian graphic tees and crop tops from Dustrial.
  • 2 sets of leather fingerless gloves.
  • Flourescent sneakers.
  • A balaclava.

I also always carry a zippo lighter and a Swiss army knife because of the everyday utility they provide. So maybe my daily wear does also tend towards both the function and form of cyberpunk.

Where I really shine on the cyberpunk side is probably my tech.

I’ve got:

Alright, I think that fits the bill for pretty cyberpunk. I self-host a bunch of stuff too so I have more control over function and data, including:

A Bit Weird

I think I’ve got this one down without further explanation needed.


I think it’s interesting to take note of what I wish I had as a personal style, and then taking the time to reflect on what I have and wear and do I can see that I am already there. In this I find some level of contentment and satisfaction.