28 Hour Days Project, Day 2 And 4

After two 28-hour days 12 of working hard on projects (and a bunch of super-productive 24-hour days previously), I kinda just wanted to mess around for a bit.


I chilled online, went to Hula Bula Bar with Nikki to read our books, then came home and spent hours and hours playing WH40K Inquisitor Martyr until it was time to go to bed. It was dope.

I was very tired from 4AM onward and found I was unable to do anything productive even though it was my desire. Not sure if the answer is “more caffeine” or scheduling my productive efforts earlier in the day.

On the negative side, I’ve definitely starting noticing some periphery hallucinations towards the end of the awake cycle. Especially in the late/dark hours (2AM-5AM).

I’m also liking the option of sleeping on a 19/9 schedule (rather than 20/8) and not feeling like I’m losing a lot of time in the day.


I woke up at the expected time of 6PM and it felt really weird. Enjoyed being online and relaxing, feeling a lot more active on social media since quitting work. This is a double edged sword though, because while I’m able to connect and interact positively with some very wonderful people I have to deal with complete contrarian idiots stepping in when they’re really not welcome.

Probably the oddest part of the day was going for brunch at 22:00 and having nuggies at Macca’s. That felt pretty surreal.

The only productive thing I got done was an entry in my spellbook (I should write a post about that soon) about the Gopher protocol, but I’m very proud of it. Kinda want to do more Gopher work now.

I’m definitely feeling the fatigue in the dark morning hours, and was so wrecked I needed a 2 hour nap at about 06:00. I capped off the day with a nice long lunch at Nando’s with Dad, and by the time we parted ways I was feeling energised and ready to tackle the world at bedtime (14:00).


Moving into Network, I want to try and get back on top of some stuff and hopefully be a bit more productive.

  • One or two blog posts
  • Get my website automatically deploying a Gopher version using hugogopher
  • Cycle during the day