28 Hour Days Project, Day 2

Continuing on from my introductory post and my first day in the 28 hour system, I’m still carrying on with this experiment!

Reasonable Sleep

I fell asleep pretty much when I was supposed to last night, which meant that I had a nice solid 8 hours and woke up around 10AM Friday morning to being the Uprising day. I felt a bit tired, but nothing uncharacteristic for me over the past 3 months, so I decided to launch myself straight into my projects.

The Eternal Zine

After spending ~10 hours working on my zine yesterday, most of it fiddling with LaTeX, I ended up with a huge level of success around 11:00 when I was finally ready to start printing! It took another two hours before I had a working example, mostly due to page layout issues when compressing a 16 page PDF into 2x A4 pages that are divided into 16x A7 sections. The final result is shown below:

Completed zine

I know that traditionally zines are one folded piece of paper or don’t use professional typesetting software, but I like breaking the mold and this way I got to create something quirky and unique!

Celebrations & Cycling

I decided to get lunch at Nando’s and some time to read, along with picking up that book I forgot to buy yesterday. I’ve noticed I haven’t been able to focus on reading without getting easily distracted for the last few months, hopefully there’s something I can do to help that (and reduce my random social media time).

To top off my afternoon I jumped back on the bicycle and went around the river (15km), which brings me up to 45km in the last three days, after doing 0km since mid-June. Feeling pretty good about the exercise portion, even if my groin is crying in agony from the lack of padding on my seat.

The Long Dark

I spent most of the evening chatting and helping people online, some shitposting too. Decided not to go out to the nightclub, so Nikki and I went over the road and read at the local pub. All of this brought us to midnight when I realised I still had 6 more hours of awake time left.

Chatting with Nikki and grabbing snacks took up some time, although I had no formal dinner. I seem to feel less bound to eating on the 28 hour day, probably because of a disconnect from the usual diurnal cycle and its links to meals. I spent a good bit of time working on a new, unpublished post for ScorpInc of which I ended up feeling pretty proud. It’s got a decent mix of tech and horror so I’m hoping it will be well received.

Although bed time is officially 06:00 Saturday, I moved it up till 05:00 and decided to take a 9 hour sleep (as suggested by xkcd). My mood has overall been good, some phantom itching (but less than yesterday) and feeling very accomplished with what I’ve got done.


The final day of the week, Hitchiker. I should get up at 14:00 Saturday, assuming the daylight streaming into the bedroom doesn’t wake me up before then. I’ll have until 10:00 Sunday to party. Thankfully since I’m between jobs I don’t have to worry about being wrecked for work on Atom/Monday.

Hoping to maybe do the following:

  • Work on project for Nikki
  • Hula Bula Bar for cocktails
  • Write in my notebook/spellbook

Pretty short list, I might use some of the time just as leisure time.