Blender and World Creator Workflow - Surface

This post will be a quick tutorial on importing your sick terrain from World Creator 2 into your Blender project. I’ve done this a few times so far, including in my most recent post. Now I’ll walk you through the process of exporting and importing the surface layer - not including textures (future post).

World Creator

  1. Make something dope!
  2. Go to Export in the top-right corner, make sure you’re on the Surface tab and set the following settings:
  • Map Type: Terrain Height-Map.
  • Select Format: TIFF.
  • Bit Depth: 32 Bit (float).
  1. Export and save heightmap.tif in the folder for your render.

World Creator 2 export settings for the surface terrain.


  1. Create a flat plane.
  2. Go to edit mode.
  3. Set select mode to Face Select.
  4. Right click plane and select Subdivide.
  • Set number of cuts to 10.
  1. Press ‘A’ to select all of the subdivided plane.
  2. Right click and Subdivide again.
  • Set number of cuts to 10.
  1. Add “Subdivision Surface” modifier to plane.
  • Set to Simple, with subdivisions to 4 (Render) and 3 (Viewport).
  1. Add Displacement modifer, set the texture to heightmap.tif from before.
  2. Set the Strength to ~1/4 of the height range of the World Creator file.
  3. Scale the plane to half the size of the World Creator map.

Blender plane modifier settings.

At this point you should have a pretty solid terrain to work with. I’ll do a follow up post soon for how to work with textures, but if you’re doing something like a desert you can probably just straight up add a sand texture as it is. Don’t forget to use a mapping node to scale it multiple times!