2023 In Gaming

Sat, Sep 30, 2023 | 2800 Words

It’s weird to be writing about a review of a 2023 yearly goal when it’s only September but I’ve surprised myself and completed this one by the end of the third quarter. While last year was the year of reading, I wanted to set my focus on something new this year and I picked gaming. It used to be one of my biggest passions until I was about 22 and the onset of schizophrenia coupled with the anhedonia-inducing antipsychotics really curbed my love of the pastime.

Personal Computing Should Be Personal

Sat, Dec 24, 2022 | 900 Words

We joke about the “graphic design is my passion” creations users built when given choice in the 90’s and 00’s. From Windows Media Player skins and custom operating system icons + themes to Myspace and GeoCities pages, so much of what people created could easily be seen as a collection of horrendous Frankensteinian monsters that were each welded to others. But that doesn’t mean it was bad and the more I reflect now the more I want that choice and personal freedom back.

2022 In Books

Tue, Dec 6, 2022 | 900 Words

Reccies are at the bottom if that’s what you’re after. I’m a big reader. Especially science fiction/cyberpunk, especially queer themes, especially stuff that’s a bit weird. Before I go any further I want to give a huge shoutout to @shmouflon, my great friend and co-CEO at ScorpInc. She got me back into reading when we first started chatting about 7 years ago. I’d been a voracious reader as a kid but it dropped off after high school.

2021 ICT Goals

Thu, Jan 14, 2021 | 1300 Words

A new year lies ahead in all it’s glory, and I want to spend at least some of this year being more aware of how I approach information, communication, and technology. While ICT is often seen as a staid descriptor, I think it perfectly encapsulates the areas that I want to be more conscious about. It helps to define what I mean by “more conscious about” in this context. I decided to reduce my focus to the following pillars:

Daily Render Goal

Tue, Jan 12, 2021 | 800 Words

At the 11th hour of 2020 I set myself some goals for the coming year. As I’ve done for the past two years, I set myself 6 months of writing as a goal. But now that I’d been achieving a lot with my art and had been looking for a challenge I decided to put to myself a tough and SMART goal: do one 3D render every day in January.

NS3000 File Storage Solution

Sun, Apr 19, 2020 | 1200 Words

Note: This is a long post focused on the approach I took to developing a new project. If you’re interested in more technical details, how to solve challenges this brought up, or insights into some of the processes I will be writing other posts under the “ns3000” tag. For about four years now I’ve had in mind a project, an all-in-wonder file-storage solution that meets a whole bunch of criteria that I have.

A Year Of Writing

Sun, Dec 22, 2019 | 600 Words

For the past few years I’ve wanted to increase my creative output, especially in writing. However this year I decided to really try and set it in motion using SMART goals. Doing this, I managed to write at least one blog post and one post for ScorpInc every month for the entire year. Goal Setting SMART goals are relatively simple, it’s an acronym that refers to the following useful attributes of a goal: