Hugo on AWS with GitLab CI

Sat, Dec 11, 2021 | 800 Words

I create a lot of little static websites for friends and family and want them to have some level of reliabilty and ease in updating. Back in 2015 I moved this personal blog to AWS using a mixture of S3, CloudFront, and Route53. At the time there wasn’t a lot of players in the easy static site hosting space, but these days I’d recommend purpose built services like Netlify. I mostly stick with my current setup to avoid the hassle of migrating so many projects or having two separate pipelines running.

SoundOfTwitter Part 2: Public Ready

Wed, May 5, 2021 | 400 Words

TL;DR: Aural - Sound Of Twitter After my last post discussing building a local site that lets you “listen” to Twitter, I decided to put it on the public-facing internet. But rather than just whack it on a VPS I decided to expand my horizons by putting a bunch of components through AWS. My desired setup was: Static website with AWS Amplify that could talk to; An API Gateway configured for websocket that would register connections and disconections via; Lambda serverless functions that would update; DynamoDB which would receive connection info and new tweet notifications and stream the latter to; Another Lambda which would read the DynamoDB for live connection IDs in API Gateway and let them know a tweet had arrived.