Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | 200 Words

Alright, I finally took the plunge and dove properly into Hugo and used it to set myself up with a new personal website. In doing so I also decommissioned my Dropplets and Ghost blogs, porting the content into this new static site. Has been a lot of fun, really glad I got into it and now I’m looking at every problem as potentially solvable with static site generators. Also got some movement on ButWhatWillPeopleDo.


Wed, Feb 18, 2015 | 200 Words

I wrastled with the layout of one of my projects today, thankfully most of it was just reverting changes back to my original designs. That and some troublesome tables + CSS + JS. Also hit some snags with the asynchronous, non-blocking I/O of JavaScript but managed to find an optimum solution with Bruce. Towards the end of the day I got tasked with adding a legend, info-box and toggle to Leaflet.
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