28 Hour Days Project, Day 5

Getting further into my 28-hour days experiment and trying to focus a bit more on “getting stuff done”.

Night Time

I woke up at 22:00, which is a pretty weird time to come around, because your partner is about to go to sleep and you’re just thinking about breakfast. After spending some time with Nikki and seeing her to bed I decided to wrap up the blog post for the last two days and then spend some time chilling.

Eventually I decided to work on a project to get the Gopher version of my website auto-deploying in my CI/CD pipeline.

Day Time

I felt like I had the project all wrapped up by about 10:00, although I still feel like I wasted so much time arguing on Facebook with a friend of mine which feels incredibly counter-productive. I need to learn to disentangle myself from the internet more, I don’t think it’s healthy or doing me well. It’s difficult because I want to be able to connect with people and potentially raise my profile more for when I go for future jobs, but at the same time there’s such a soul-sucking effect that toxic arguments can have, as well as feeling like you’re not enjoying it and not getting much tangible benefit.

I ended up going for a nice cycle and having lunch at Red Roster, but upon returning home I was quite tired and spent the afternoon relaxing.


I’m feeling good about having completed a blog post and the Gopher CI/CD implementation, but hoping tomorrow I can achieve even more. I’m aiming to:

  • Clean up my desk a bit
  • Work on Wiki project for Nikki
  • Cycle
  • Do a few loads of washing
  • Minor style improvements to both websites
  • Gaming
  • Maybe some learning on a topic I’m not familiar with?