Papercraft Star Destroyer

Things have been pretty busy over the last few months, but I found some time to smash out a nifty new papercraft and keeping with my “sci-fi vehicles” theme I did a papercraft Imperial I-class Star Destroyer from the Star Wars universe.

First pieces

This model has minor detail, very similar to the StarCraft Battlecruiser.

Top half

Cutting and gluing cardstock with extra detail straight onto the large flat section gives the appearance of more depth for very little extra work.

Rear view

Completed model from the rear, showing the complicated engine segments. This was by far the most difficult part, dealing with truncated cones and angled cylinders against two inward-angled main sections took a lot of gluing, regluing, and holding small parts in place praying the glue dried quicker.

Rear view

Lastly, a front view of the finished project.

Overall this build took place over a week, however the final night I completed about 60% of the work in one ultimate crunch session.