Papercraft Revisited

In more recent times I’ve been getting back into origami, regularly folding cranes and lucky stars; small, meditative pieces that help clear the mind and relax an individual in the stress of the day. However part of me wanted to get back into something a bit more complex that would also require an abundance of patience.


I use to haunt the /po/ board on 4chan, never posting but just skimming for interesting models and saving them to my computer. Those saved files, in various formats, have followed me through multiple computer and NAS rebuilds and so I knew I at least had a good library of potential models to build if I jumped back into the hobby. I headed out to a craft store I remembered from back when I was a teenager for some cardstock and then swung past Officeworks for some things I’d forgotten and a cheap printer. I settled on the Epson XP-410 while I was in the store as it had the featureset I required and was incredibly cheap (and in stock).

After setting everything up, I picked out a really simple, one page model that didn’t require any material, and you can see the before-and-after pic below. You can find the template and instructions at the Minimimmo website, they’re a lot of fun and incredibly adorable. About 6 years ago I rebuilt the template to make 4 to a page in black and white and ended up building a small platoon of them; a little army of cute papercraft soldiers.


I’m moving on to a slightly bigger project now, one I never managed to finish before but I’m hoping to change that this time. You can see the first piece of it constructed below.

New things to come