OpenNebula miniONE Networking Issues

Running OpenNebula or miniONE on a single host with one NIC? Watch out! OpenNebula/miniONE creates a “dummy” interface with an address like and then attaches the bridge to that directly. While this is probably useful for trialling and not having your virtual machines visible/attackable from the outside world, you might want to make them visible to other hosts on your LAN.

What you’ll need to do is go into /etc/netplan/minione.yaml (might be named differently) and change the information under minionebr. You’ll want to set the interfaces array to be the name of your local Ethernet interface, and then add a line at that indentation level that says dhcp4: true to allow it to be assigned a network address by your local DHCP server.

Next up, you’ll need to create a Virtual Network in the web interface. Make sure you set the network mode to bridged, configure some addresses for a space in your network and set the gateway and DNS server under Context.

Next time you go to create a VM, make sure you assign that virtual network and boom, it should be visible to devices outside your network.

Good luck!