CyanogenMod: First Experiences

Sorry for the relatively long time without updating, I haven’t been working much on the Operations side, either confidential programming or relaxing (quite substantially too).

So I noticed my Samsung Galaxy S III had been becoming quite sluggish as of late and even a factory reset and reconfigure didn’t seem to fix things, so I decided to finally look at flashing another rom and went with CyanogenMod.

My choice was mainly based on popularity having heard it mentioned the most (in good terms) and with it’s positive reputation and light footprint I was easily swayed (I’m using past tense but am writing this up as I go along). The setup seems fairly easy with their “CyanogenMod Installer” which takes care of most of the work, I went this route out of convenience and ease-of-use, I may consider rolling-my-own and/or manually installing some other time if I see the need.

After finishing the installation and allowing the device to boot, I was faced with some quick set-up screens (I opted not to create or use a CyanogenMod account) that were easy to navigate and comfortable to enter information in with the default keyboard. Once configured, the welcome screen was pleasant and was the familiar Android user interface that we know and love.

So far it’s been easy to use and responsive, which was my main goal for this little experiment; but if I decide to take it further I’ll note down the happenings.