While this incarnation of my personal website has been set up and served using only static components for some time, it was still limited to the capabilities of the virtual server it was hosted on. So I finally took the plunge and (along with the ScorpInc website) moved all the files into Amazon Web Services (AWS) various platforms for ultra-responsive static sites and assets. This includes hosting the files in a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket, pushing DNS through Route 53, and using the CloudFront Content Distribution Network (CDN) service to distribute my site at various edge locations around the world for low-latency response times, regardless of where the request comes from.

If you’re looking for a good guide on how to do this, I would recommend the one AWS provides on the topic. I could write it up here as well, but it would be redundant and likely become quickly out of date as they continue updating and changing services. What I will note down is so far this month (2015-10-20) the total cost for both sites has been $1.32. Of that, each domain in Route 53 costs $0.50, the rest is minimal traffic and storage. I also store a heap of backups for another server I have in GitLab which would be inflating that price a bit too.

And the speed? Well, how do you find it so far? Pretty nifty.