Welcome To Ghost

Ghost represents a chance for me to finally start jotting down in more depth some of the work and ideas that have gone into various programming projects that I’ve created over time. I might introduce some tutorials, code snippets and things I’ve found on the continuous journey of development and self-discovery that is learning to sling code.

So who am I? I’m Adam O’Grady, an avid geek, futurist and proponent of both mental health awareness and socio-political policies that put all humans (and animals) first. For the purpose of this blog, other important tidbits about me include a passion for server-side JavaScript and NoSQL databases - sometimes to a fault - and a willingness to take on some pretty wild and conceptual ideas if they seem like fun.

Hopefully you (the reader) will find something of interest on this blog or you can track my DevOps work at my Dropplets blog, a mish-mash of reblogs and OC on my Tumblr or find me at @adamjogrady.