Strawberry Jam - Clicker Game

You can play my first attempt at a Strawberry Jam entry here

At the end of January I decided to enter Strawberry Jam 4, a game jam that lasts the month of February with one theme: the game should be horny in some way.

I did some brainstorming and came down to three potential ideas I wanted to explore that involved both cool technical challenges and story/writing challenges. The three ideas I narrowed it down to, in increasing order of complexity were:

  1. Skinner Box/incremental clicker game where you make and sell sex toys.
  2. VM exploration game where you hack into and explore the minds/control the actions of slaved drones
  3. Curses-based application where you research and collect different himbos.

For my first attempt I went with the clicker game, my research led me to a project from a CERN hackathon called Particle Clicker, an MIT-licensed clicker game based on particle detectors and laboratory funding. I decided to fork the project on GitHub and then download and modify the code.

I wanted the core gameplay to be slightly different in my game, so I had to rewrite sections of the game’s logic/engine. Many thanks go to the team that who wrote it for making it so easy to modify so I didn’t get bogged down or have to start from scratch. This was my first major personal project rewriting other peoples' existing code. Probably the longest work came from writign all the text, including elements in gameplay, descriptions, interest text (in the i boxes), achievements, and upgrades.

In short, I changed the game to be about manufacturing sex toys in a dystopian future where horniness had beenbanned. Each click makes and sells a sex toy and you can undergo research to make more expensive/better ones or hire workers (and house them in buildings) to make them automatically.

I’m not sure this is my first choice for submission, I might try and build something else as this came out as more a joking history of manufacture than a horny game.

Still a completed project though!

You can play the game online or if you want to explore the code check it out on GitHub.