Saitek PZ55 Flight Switch Panel USB HID Mapping

I purchased a new Logitech version of the Saitek Flight Switch Panel so that I can use it as a Streamdeck-like interface for my PC and devices on my home network.

Once again, I’ve gotta map the USB HID to the various switches and knobs so you’ll find below the table of values if you ever want to use one in your own projects.


Below you’ll find a table for all the bit positions that a switch can use over the three bytes of the panel. You can have a combination of them, so a value of 00000000 00000000 00000111 indicates the Master Battery, the Master Alternator, and the Avionics Master are all on. Every switch change will send three bytes representing all the current switch states.

Byte Bit Function
1 1 Master Battery On
1 2 Master Alternator On
1 3 Avionics Master On
1 4 Fuel Pump On
1 5 De-Ice On
1 6 Pitot Heat On
1 7 Cowl Close
1 8 Light Panel On
2 1 Light Beacon On
2 2 Light Navigation On
2 3 Light Strobe On
2 4 Light Taxi On
2 5 Light Landing On
2 6 Dial Off
2 7 Dial Right
2 8 Dial Left
3 1 Dial Both/All
3 2 Dial Start
3 3 Landing Gear Up
3 4 Landing Gear Down

Landing Gear Lights

Thanks to the DCSFlightPanels project for this one!

You can enable and disable the landing gear lights on the PZ55 Flight Switch Panel by sending feature reports to ID 0 followed by a single byte of data. Aside from “All Off” the values below are combinatorial. So by sending 00001100 you’ll turn the top light red, the right light green, and the left light off.

Byte Value Light Status
00000000 0 All Off
00000001 1 Up Green
00001000 8 Up Red
00001001 9 Up Yellow
00000010 2 Left Green
00010000 16 Left Red
00010010 18 Left Yellow
00000100 4 Right Gree
00100000 32 Right Red
00100100 36 Right Yellow