Functional Programming

Oooh man, it’s been an exciting weekend. Alongside the effort and work in packing up the house to move shortly I’ve been spending a heap of downtime reading, practicing and learning about functional programming. I’d like to give a massive thanks to Becoming Functional by Joshua Backfield, it’s an easy to digest, fun to read text which follows the evolution of a fictional use-case/company as you rewrite it’s imperative code as functional.

If you’re not too familiar with it, functional programming is a paradigm that flows more like a set of mathematical functions than regular computer code, with things like immutable variables, functions as variables and heavy use of recursion over iteration. I’m just about halfway through the book so far but I did only start on Friday, having barely been able to put it down since.

It’s given me some motivation for rebuilding some of my other projects in a (more) functional style where possible and perhaps even attempt my next big thing in such a manner. Hope you are going well, fair reader.