Dropplet Theme And HomePage

So I finally managed to squeeze together some creative neurons and through ritual sacrifice and code creation and exploration I’ve finaly got together a theme for my Dropplets blog and rebuilt my homepage in a similar style. My aim was to create something quite minimalist, but with an organic feel through the use of warmer background tone and a fontface reminiscent of a typewriter’s keystrokes.

You can find the theme for a Dropplets blog online on my GitHub and it’s also available (along with my homepage) in the public section on my GitLab.

The key thing across both both projects was the typeface font which requires a “” call on the index page and utilising “background:#FAFAF8;” and “color: #333333;” for the text to create the right feel. The rest of the home page is pretty self-explanatory, the only complex part is the center-vertical-alignment created by specifying 0px on all sides of an element and a margin of “auto” for top and bottom (and doing it on left/right centres and element horizontally).