A Thought On Themes

G’Day again lovely readers! I’m back and updating this blog but I hope you’re not expecting too much. I’m on a “systems operations/administration” binge at the moment, effectively rebuilding my tech infrastructure. To that extent, I’m doing less software developing/programming than I normally would; however I hope to return to that shortly with a few of the projects that are sitting in the warmer.

To allow breaks from the Ops side of things I’m tempted to rework the themes for my blogs (Dropplets, Ghost, Tumblr) and probably redo my website with a new and (hopefully) responsive theme. My only issue is I sometimes have difficulty with the styling/creativity side of things, although I do believe if I came up with something it would be within my realm of capability to implement it.

If anyone has some tips about gathering/conjuring inspiration for the design aspect of websites I’d love to hear them. You can tweet me (@adamjogrady) or hit me up via one of the contact methods on my main site.