LaTeX For Books And Websites

Thu, Apr 23, 2020 | 700 Words

I’ve been writing Microfictions lately and am hoping to write some longer pieces as I go forward, but I also want a way to collect them all in a print format, as well as make them available online for viewing. At the moment I have no plans for a published book, although doing a free ebook would be cool. But just having somewhere that they can be shared and a form they can be printed in (for myself) is my main goal.

Writing A Zine In LaTeX

Tue, Jan 7, 2020 | 600 Words

Not long after I completed the Gopher Maze that I’ve written about previously, my friend @shmouflon and I embarked on another Gopher project; writing a Choose Your Own Adventure-style short story told through Gopher directory pages. We completed the project later in the year during August and were content to have ridden that wave of creativity for a while. However we were struck by an idea: what if we could use other oft-forgotten or much-maligned technology to create something new from this?

The Machines

Thu, Oct 17, 2019 | 600 Words

+SHIP d1fdd6fd-1d4c-4af1-9af1-558f7d7f6e9b DOCKED, BEGIN UNLOADING+ The message was processed by the wharf control system, it’s failover brethren, and received by the redundant systems although as there was no emergency requiring activation they did not act on it. In the harmonius ballet that followed, the wharf control system orchestrated a hundred drones of varying types that began removing all the cargo from d1fdd6fd-1d4c-4af1-9af1-558f7d7f6e9b. Ship-to-shore cranes took care of sea containers full of goods and materials, robotic pumping stations connected, cycled, and then began pumping out all the precious liquid and granular contents that would be sent elsewhere for processing or manufacture.