Mon, Jul 13, 2015 | 200 Words

Time to break the silence that has fallen over this blog. Some pretty dark things happened a few months back, stuff that hurt me badly and severely harmed my mental health. I’ve moved in with my Dad again, back in my old haunting grounds in East Perth. It’s been really helpful and freeing and I’ve started to get better now. I’ve lost a heap of weight, started gaining confidence and feel like I’m connecting better with people.


Tue, Mar 24, 2015 | 200 Words

So I realise I haven’t written much personally about me and I think that could potentially be a good thing. We often turn to our diaries and blogs in times of hurt or hardship and thus they can paint a negative picture of our lives to the casual reader, despite the potential realities of the situation being quite different. To this end I’ll try and refrain from posting stuff about my personal life too often and I will aim to (no promises though) even include positive posts about the happenings in the meatspace I inhabit.


Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | 200 Words

Alright, I finally took the plunge and dove properly into Hugo and used it to set myself up with a new personal website. In doing so I also decommissioned my Dropplets and Ghost blogs, porting the content into this new static site. Has been a lot of fun, really glad I got into it and now I’m looking at every problem as potentially solvable with static site generators. Also got some movement on ButWhatWillPeopleDo.


Wed, Feb 18, 2015 | 200 Words

I wrastled with the layout of one of my projects today, thankfully most of it was just reverting changes back to my original designs. That and some troublesome tables + CSS + JS. Also hit some snags with the asynchronous, non-blocking I/O of JavaScript but managed to find an optimum solution with Bruce. Towards the end of the day I got tasked with adding a legend, info-box and toggle to Leaflet.