Storm Drain

Inside a storm drain, slowly filling with dank, dark water. A gridded roof shows a grey sky outside and a dark pipe leads away from this chamber.

imagine this:

it’s 2022.

the coronavirus pandemic is over thanks to widespread free vaccinations.

i’m at the jewellery store picking up the engagement ring i plan to give you at dinner tonight - your favourite restaurant of course.

you’re trapped in a series of stormwater drains, chased by strange wraiths and bleeding heavily from your left ear.



I started by building a simple set of planes forming a ground and walls and textured them using PBR textures from Quixel Megascans, then added a plan above the ground with another Quixel texture for the water. For the back wall with the pipe I created an open, empty cylinder and aligned it with the wall, then used an invisible, solid cylinder of the same radius to cut out the shape in the wall.

For the roof I did something similar, I created a large textured cube with a short height for the roof. I then created a very thin cube with an array modifier and used the boolean modifier on the roof to cut out this thin set of cubes. This created the slatted roof affect.

This was a great learning experience in terms of simple Blender modifiers to get some cool effects going and I’m happy with the final product.